Birding around Bangalore

Local birding around Bangalore has been very enjoyable, thanks to a wonderful bunch of like-minded companions. We call ourselves BULBs (Bangalore Urban Lady Birders) but we do have honorary members who are quite clearly not “ladies”!

I have attempted to put down some of our escapades in verse (statutory warning: can be long and rambling).

Ode to a lake unknown

(Taralu Estate lake – 11 Oct ’09, pics from Gulakmale 22 Aug ’09 and 30 Aug ’09) and

B. M. Betta adventure

(13 Sep ’09)

Previously we have done numerous trips to Valley school, until it became temporarily out of bounds for birders.

Valley School: n+1

Valley School: A favourite birding haunt

Deponti has also blogged about one of these trips here:

Birding at valley school (yes, again) 

One of the first trips that I did with Gayathri, way back in June ’08, was:


But one of the most memorable trips certainly was to Nandi Hills, remembered not just for the birding but the sheer variety of excellent food – a very important aspect of all our trips! 🙂  Turahalli has been another favourite place to go, made famous by the resident Eurasian eagle owl there. See Deponti’s posts about these trips:

Nandi hills bird feast, 110409

Turahalli, 220209 

One of our favourite lakes, Kommaghatta, has recently fallen victim to a mindless “rejuvenation” exercise by the authorities:

Obituary to a lake – Kommaghatta

Besides local birding, we have done some longer trips too, including a few to Galibore, by the banks of the Cauvery river:

Galibore revisited – 15 Nov ’08

and 3-day trips to other Jungle Lodges at Bhadra (River Tern Lodge) and B. R. Hills (K. Gudi) in mid 2009. Till I get to writing about these trips, here’s Uma‘s fantastic report of the B. R. Hills visit, complete with interesting videos:

B. R. Hills


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