A long overdue update!

Dear readers (if there are any of you still out there following this tardy blog!),

Apologies for being so silent and not updating this space with my recent adventures. The truth is that I’ve been ever so busy traveling around that I am left with no time to write up the trip reports! Add to that the woes of modern technology which allow you to fill up gigabytes of pictures on a single memory card, and you forget that the real cost comes in terms of the time spent on sorting through thousands of pictures, selecting and processing the few dozen good ones. And so I keep filling up my card and before I get time to process any pics, I am off on the next trip!

Lion-tailed macaqueMy birding calendar for the past 3 months already looks impressive. I started off the New Year with a trip to Bandipur with hubby, followed it up with Valparai (one of the last refuges of the lion-tailed macaque) the next weekend. The third weekend in January saw some local birding to Turahalli and Valley school, and on 25th January we were off to Andamans for a week long vacation with some dear friends! Other than birding, the high points of the trip were the pristine beaches, kayaking in the mangroves and snorkelling (for our friends).

February was a bit relaxed in terms of birding, but busy at work. There was also a family wedding in Kolkata at the end of the month, so we spent 5 days there. I did manage to sneak in some birding on that trip when I joined the Kolkata birders on their monthly outing, to a small but lovely bird sanctuary in Narendrapur, near Kolkata. Enjoyed that immensely and met some wondeful people.

Tawny bellied babblerMarch was hectic! The first three weekends were spent in Timbaktu, Pune and Jaipur respectively, followed by a week in paradise (Corbett National Park!). At Timbaktu I added a few species to the checklist I am hoping to develop for that place, and managed to get some good pictures too. Pune was a family trip and the only birding was at my siser-in-law’s excellent garden. Jaipur was unbelievable, and to go birding with Dad was a pleasure 🙂

crimson sunbirdAbout Corbett, what an amazing place! The sal forests looming over you, grasslands spreading for miles, the meandering Ramganga river glistening in the setting sun. The first evening we had a less-than-ideal encounter with wild elephants (more on that later) and heard a tiger roaring in the forest! The next day we got some unseasonal rain, and with it an unexpected bonus of a sublime tiger sighting! The birdlist crossed 200 species!

Now the summer has started and the migrants are on their way back to their homes. Some stragglers are still around but should be off in a few weeks. I too am back home and planning to spend several weekends updating this blog, processing pics and catching up with friends in Bangalore. You’ll defintely hear more from me in April!

Cheers,  g

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2 Responses to A long overdue update!

  1. Deepa says:

    Too much shortened into too few words! Waiting for more detailed reports, as you process your photographs.

  2. bonerpakhi says:

    Deepa – Am guilty as charged! Promise to do Andamans report soon. Corbett will have to wait but you will see some more photographs soon 🙂

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